• Nothing compares to walking into a foyer or front hallway to find a beautiful staircase that dominates the space and gives it character. Your staircase can set the tone and inspire you when deciding on all your décor and layout, and has the potential to significantly raise the value of your property. Maybe you are […]

  • Have you considered cast iron balusters for your home? It is an amazing affordable update to your home and the overall effect of seeing them is one of the greatest transformations per dollar your home can enjoy.

    It is not only affordable, but quick. A transformation can happen in just one day. The technicians will […]

  • I firmly believe our staircases stand up for themselves in the areas of style and design. I would put our work up against anybody else in the industry any day.

    However what makes our staircases really stand out is the parts that you can’t see. What goes on behind the curtains as they say. Our […]

  • Stair falls can be deadly. It is a long way down and one small mis-step can cause serious injury. The elderly are especially susceptible to falls, so it is important to use a little common sense going up and down stairs. Here is a common sense list to follow…

    Do Not Hurry – This is […]

  • Believe it or not, here we are a week from Thanksgiving. Now is the time to look at your home and see what little improvements you can do to impress friends and families during the holidays.

    One of the quickest and surest ways to do an instant eye-appeal upgrade is to change out your old […]

  • All trades have their specific jargon and it is good to take the time to learn the staircase building  language before you begin. You will need advice from an expert eventually and learning how to speak their language will only make the process easier. Take some time to visit a stair warehouse or a site […]

  • Building a staircase is not an easy task. It takes a lot of hard work and especially planning. Over the next several blogs we are going to go over some of the key elements you need to keep in mind when building a staircase. Always remember there is professional help available with us here at […]

  • Stairway Remodel: Is Your Staircase Outdated?

    Tired of staring at those boring white spindles? Are there scratches on the wooden handrail? Is the carpeting on your stairs worn or coming up in places?  It’s time to remodel your stairway!

    Updates for your stairway may vary from replacing old wood stair parts  with new carved wood […]