Stair Safety Tips

Stair Safety Tips

Stair falls can be deadly. It is a long way down and one small mis-step can cause serious injury. The elderly are especially susceptible to falls, so it is important to use a little common sense going up and down stairs. Here is a common sense list to follow…

Do Not Hurry – This is the foremost and most obvious. Trying to run up or down stairs is a prime way to get yourself hurt. A few seconds is not going to make a difference in the grand scheme of things. Slow Down.

Have a View of Steps – This may seem as a no-brainier, but moving down stairs in the dark is dangerous. Install a nightlight along the staircase to avoid anyone doing anything less than wise.

Non SkidĀ  Surfaces – Install non skid surfaces on the stairs to keep your feet from slipping. Either that or…

Wear Shoes – Don’t try going down the stairs barefoot or in socks that will easily slip.

This may seem like a ‘Staircases for Dummies’. But you will be surprised the cautionary steps you may skip if you are not thinking about it.