Upgrading Your Home With a New Staircase

Upgrading Your Home With a New Staircase

Nothing compares to walking into a foyer or front hallway to find a beautiful staircase that dominates the space and gives it character. Your staircase can set the tone and inspire you when deciding on all your décor and layout, and has the potential to significantly raise the value of your property. Maybe you are starting a remodeling project that promises to dramatically transform your rooms, or maybe you have just acquired a new home that you are just starting to decorate. Whichever is your case, the staircase you choose has the power to upgrade your home and will be a great investment to consider.

Consider these style tips and options for your new staircase, and see how your entire home gets upgraded to the next level:

Replace Worn, Stained and Damaged Treads and Risers

Treads and risers on your stairs are usually the parts that are most vulnerable to damage and wear from constantly stepping on them. Sometimes the rest of your staircase seems to be in a pretty good shape, but washed out wooden treads or stained carpets on top can often give them a much more scruffy look than they would otherwise have. Other times, treads and risers appear to be cracked, rotten or improperly installed, in which case repair will become inevitable. Have a stair expert inspect them and determine how to best fix your problem. If you decide to replace your treads and risers, take the opportunity to choose hardwood oak or pine pieces according to the rest of your décor and flooring, which will instantly transform the entire look of the staircase. Go for a dark shade for an elegant and sophisticated style, a lighter shade for a fresh and light feel, or be creative and paint them in whatever colors you like best.

Choose Wrought Iron Spindles

Sometimes a few subtle changes can make a huge difference. Wrought iron is a great option for your staircase spindles that will instantly upgrade their entire look. If you are looking to remodel your stairs, replacing those boring-looking balusters for wrought iron ones will make the staircase look more expensive and brand new. Thankfully, manufacturers have an extremely wide array of choices as far as wrought iron spindles options, and you should find the one you like best and that goes better with the rest of your home’s style. If you have a more traditional style, choose a beautifully ornamented wrought iron baluster, or if you want to go for a more minimalistic look, go for straight, unembellished spindle.

Choose Hardwood Newel Posts and Handrails

Another great way in which you can easily upgrade your staircase’s look is by choosing hardwood newel posts and handrails. Just like with treads and risers, staircases can benefit significantly from getting renovated with hardwood options, and there is also a wide selection from which to choose from. How ornamented the handrails and posts will be should be determined by the rest of your home’s style. Go for bigger and more ornamented pieces for a traditional look, or choose thin and simple options to add a modern touch.

Change Spiral Stairs For Conventional Stairs

Spiral stairs can be great options for highly reduced spaces, but they are more of a functional piece that won’t necessarily contribute to the style of the room. Maybe you find that they are simply impractical and ugly. Whichever your case, if you have the space, go for conventional stairs that will actually add substance to the room. Choosing conventional stairs can also help you separate different areas of a room and create specific purposes for each space. Again, go for a style that complements the rest of your home and be creative.

Go For Stainless Steal Cable Railings

If you think wood and wrought iron balusters are too traditional for your style, or you simply want to go for an affordable and stylish option, choose to do your railings with stainless steel cable. It will give your staircase a very modern and minimalistic look that will instantly give the space a sophisticated and chic style. Place several close together in a horizontal or vertical layout, or go for an even simpler look and only add 3 or 4 rows. Pair your new railings with stainless steel handrails or painted wood for a truly modern and minimal style, or go for light natural hardwood for a warmer and cozier look.

There are many ways in which you can bring back life to your home with a new staircase, and not all of them necessarily have to be expensive options and involve aggravating installations. Inspire yourself with these few ideas we have come up with to upgrade your own, and prepare yourself for a major change.